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Growing Hydrangeas is not easy and requires patience. It can take up to 2 to 3 years for a Hydrangea to develop large "heads" or blooms. The color of hydrangeas will vary considerably due to the pH of the soil they are growing in. The blue hues are best in acid soil and the degree of blueness is controlled by the amount of available aluminum and the capacity of a particular variety to draw it up. The reds and pinks enjoy an alkaline or neutral soil where aluminum is not actively absorbed. The whites stay white but usually enjoy the same conditions as the reds and pinks.

Young hydrangea plants starting to grow
Plants are developing into a full sized hydrangea plant
Hydrangeas in bloom
waterbags are attached to each stem to keep the hydrangeas hydrated during shipping
Mini green hydrangea

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Five Star Hydrangeas is an easy and affordable way for brides to buy fresh wedding hydrangeas direct from the grower. We supply premium fresh-cut hydrangeas at wholesale prices shipping from only the highest quality Colombian and Ecuadorian Hydrangea growers.

Our team shares one common goal: to offer consistently top quality hydrangeas, cut and packed with excellent care and packaging
Our fresh cut hydrangea flowers are shipped directly from our farms to your door to ensure that you receive the freshest flowers in beautiful condition and at significantly discounted prices.