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How to care for fresh cut hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea are very water-sensitive flowers. When you receive Hydrangea you will find a small water bag on the bottom of each stem. Carefully remove the little plastic water bag and cut about 1/2 to 1 inch up from the bottom of the stem WHILE HOLDING THE STEMS UNDERNEATH WATER. Cutting the end of the stems while they are soaked in water eliminates an oxygen bubble going into the stem, which restricts the uptake of water to the blooms. Tip for taking in more water: Hydrangeas flowers have woody stems so it's water absorption ability is poor compared to other fresh flowers. You could use a small sewing needle to pierce a few holes into the hydrangea’s stem. This is to ensure that the flowers will be able to absorb water at a faster rate and keep the blooms hydrated at all times. Piercing holes into the stems can help but is not required.



After cutting the stems, promptly place the flowers in clean water.

Make sure to keep plenty of cold water in the vases as hydrangeas drink a large amount of water. The water level in the bucket should cover the whole length of the hydrangea’s stem. You can add ice to the water as hydrangeas prefer cold water. If you remove the Hydrangea from water it will show fatigue quickly. Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed. We recommend adding flower food to the water but keep in mind flower food is not included in the shipment. You can feed them with a floral freshener like "Clear" (your local florist or garden center should offer these packets).

If the flower heads look tired or need to perk up, immerse the entire bloom and stem completely under cold water and let the flowers soak for 20-40 mintues. This can be done in a bath tub if you have many flowers at once. You may need to weigh down the blooms with other blooms or something else that can keep them below water. Up until the time of making your hydrangea flower arrangements, keep them in very cool place but make sure it does not freeze. Depending on care and time of year,
you can usually expect your blooms to last an average of 4-7 days.

In case you find any dark or fading looking petals in the hydrangea simply remove them. It is normal to find several noticeably damaged petals and unwanted foliage all of which can be easily removed without damaging the Hydrangea.






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